FEARING WHAT IS NEW? I can not know what is next and, THAT my friends is my GIFT of creation as a HUMAN. I get to explore and become more in the NEW AND UNKNOWN. I get to step OUT INTO what I have never done with people I do not know, in a new circumstance that has never been experienced by that I may understand new processes within my own energy field. The ONE THING we have to keep us SAFE in the UNKNOWN is OUR TRUST in knowing OUR OWN ENERGY SYSTEMS TRUTH, OUR OWN energies NEVER LIE. Our mind lies to us ALL the time, but our energies...never lie. I embrace the ease, grace & abundance that is flowing madly! I go within and fiercely hold myself, letting no man move me until I am clea

CHOICE. We all have it. DO WE USE IT?

Our brain has over 70,000 thoughts per day, 3000 per hour and 50 per minute! That is a lot of information! It's no wonder many feel overwhelmed by their thoughts in any given moment. How can we make good choices with all this sh*t flying around in our heads? Consciousness. Simply, by exercising our ability to be present and focusing the mind on our choosing. Simply, EXERCISE your ability to witness the thinking process. In other words, witnessing our minds activities. Which is what consciousness is. How do we do this? MEDITATION Meditation can be done in many different ways yet the basis of it is a constant process; 1. Focus upon one thing (walking, breath, balloon, etc.) 2. Thoughts will


My mind wants to tell me that I am stuck in the same place, with the same people and the same problems. Is that true? No, it's not true. I might revisit the same location, similar people, similar problems yet everything within me has shifted. I am not the same as I was yesterday, last week, 6 months ago because I am fluid energy transforming. The question becomes, "how am I meeting those similar people and problems when they show up"...and THAT my friends are DIFFERENT! Major. I recognize the behaviors of others and then believe them. The problems that show up are such a gift for me...and I get to discover, solve and expand from them! The truth is energy is always moving and there is no goin