Heart Sensitivities

"Heart Sensitivities" we are all born with a direct connection to everything via our heart center's electromagnetic field. Our heart reaches out proprioceptively to witness our surroundings. "The heart is the symbol of life in the temple of the body and the Queen's Chamber of the Grace of Life itself; it is the motherhood of all living things. Life flows and attracts as it acts." Quoted by: Dr. Randolph Heart energies affect our Social Identity via the polarities of Understanding vs. Judgment. Before the rational mind develops, as the soul is circling the mother's field of energy it all begins; Conditional love or Unconditional love? When we received unconditional love and support whi

Heart placement in the Cosmos, a coincidence?

When I blog on any topic I do so from inspirations that are shown to me within my "Heavenly body" or they come from the general energies at play affecting me. After sensing I was in the year of "Heart Discernment" I then realized that the North Node is in Cancer! Ding, ding, ding! Astrology is a tool used in the healing art of Polarity Therapy and Cancer's placement in the body is the heart! For those of you who don't know Astrology, it is the Ancient Art, Science, and language of energy. Great minds referred to it as a source of intelligence like Issac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, Carl Jung...and me. Is this a coincidence or the laws and principals of the Universe telling us something? H

Heart Intelligence

"HeART intelligence" is our exclusive touchstone to our feelings, to the "yes" and "no's" of our bodies proprioceptions on any subject. Beginning at birth, generally speaking, we have been entrained to give away the Heart's power of DISCERNMENT to others, so our heart has obliged us with outward tentacles that pool its energies with those around us! This intelligent energy like all water has found a way to keep flowing for its survival and safety! Hence, the Empath is born! Therefore, leaving empaths confused and unable to differentiate between what is FOR US and what is of the "general energies" that surround us. On the flip side, when the Heart energies are organized, it allows us t

Centered Heart

Noticing the subtle sensations through the "heart center" isn't always easy! Oh my gosh...especially for those who live in big cities like Hollywood, New York, Milwaukee or even Settle, WA. who's known as progressive feelers! How can we center our energy to enable us to distinguish the felt energies at play in our heart? "Muddy water when kept still becomes clear." Lao Tzu. We need to still the water! Here are the three primary and general ways to create neutrality within so that you may have clear listening: SHAKE IT OFF: Dogs do it, ducks do it...Taylor Swift does it too. We can take overly charged "Air Energies" (could be excessive thinking, thoughts that loop) and distract our mind

The Year of Heart Discernment

In 2019, my heart wants more. More love, more intimacy. A genuine connection with others via my Celestial Sound! I will not settle for less. In the past, I experienced much pressure to understand life's expectations. Tremors rise from within as I write about my journey; "receiving the forced predatory behaviors of others." As a baby in the womb, I knew I was not wanted and was given up for adoption. I learned at a young age of my beauty and sexuality from men who failed to ask permission for what they took. And, from there I discovered that my physical body was a tool for pleasure and peace. From the womb, these experiences taught my HEART how to be safe through Empathy. Like most Empaths, I