Justice is swift. Each Action effects the balance of the Universe. "Every form of energy must be directed, must be applied with integrity to the full satisfaction of its destiny." Nature is not just, it is exact. And, understanding is it's a ruler. When our actions and words are Integral, justice flows for us and adjustments happens without efforting. Our work as humans is to be in the details of our energy system(body/mind) and field*. Noticing our physical & feeling responses to everything as we relearn our intuitive nature. It's a new way to relate to ourselves and the world. It is subtle. To support my heart, body, mind, and soul move fluidly, I consciously direct the energies withi

Each Moments Holds opposing forces

New beginnings of projects I have worked on for years are happening right now! My first steps have at time felt awkward, like that first kiss and slow while learning how to organize and prioritize things for efficiency. It's so damn magical to be doing things I deeply enjoy without efforting! It's interesting too that at the SAME MOMENT of newness I am also experiencing endings/death, chaos ...witnessing judgments coming down upon those in my rear view mirror. It is intense! EACH MOMENT has within it movement of opposition all happening at the same time! I see the polarity. I am not turning away cause it's difficult, messy, ugly, "a waste of my time." No. Nothing ever dies so, I am not

Courageous Action of the Heart

I realize what it truly means to have the courage of the heart. It is the ability to take on challenges and enjoy the process no matter the outcome. Until this point in my life, I have been reactive and lacking discernment. My "process" would have been to run straight at it head first, naked or rationalize my way out of it entirely. We don't know, what we don't know. Since I was young I have seen future trends, had wonderful ideas and visions for businesses yet; I told myself I didn't know how or where to begin. The truth is, I just lacked the courage and fortitude to be at risk, learn new things and to leap over each new hurdle that was needed to accomplish and bring those visions to man