The Mystic Agent's Anniversary

Today is the 3rd anniversary of The Mystic Agent journey and page. FB put this in my queue this morning ~ Wow, I am taken back at how much has changed since I created this video and page. SO FREAKIN MUCH. As an agent, I have not spoken about my challenges and the dense playgrounds I have chosen to swim in. In this video, I didn't mention the most successful star (so far..)Tiffany Haddish who would not be where she is without our 13 years together. Let me just say this, without ALL of my experiences, I would not be who I am today. My throat tightens as I reflect as if I am there right now! Changing my focus, immediately. Too, I have to laugh at my scorpion like water that enables me to


I had just come out of a meditative yoga class; my system was calm and tranquil as I drove to a meeting. I parked the car in the only space available which positioned me tightly against a wall. As I squeezed out of my door and grabbed all the things I needed, my glass water bottle went flying out of my hand and shattered. Sad. Breath. "Okay," I said to myself, "I am handling too much at once...noted." Then I stepped back through the glass, and a piece of the glass came up around the soles, thru the side of my shoe and sliced my foot deeply. Grrrrr. Now, I can look at this several ways. I knew that the glass was there. Why did I step back without carefully looking? Did I feel protected