KINDNESS. KINDNESS. KINDNESS. Is this asking too much of the heart to always be kind? Is the statement alone pushing positive outcomes? Does it force tolerance? TOLERANCE is genuinely on my mind as a way of denial. AGH. Another furtive energy that I use to lie to myself! Is being TOLERANT another way of suppressing our energy systems true expression in the name of avoidance? Are we merely putting off conflict, shame, fear, risk, judgment, rejection, or whatever it is that scares or overwhelms the system? What do we tolerate in the name of "getting along" or "keeping it light." What do we tolerate, period? As we gather with families and friends tomorrow for Thanksgiving and the upcomi

BUYER BEWARE = Responsibility First

Do you know the saying, "Buyer beware?" This legal term makes every person responsible for the who, what, when, where, and how one engages with another. Which means there are no victims only lessons to be learned. Being Responsible for how we engage with other humans requires conscious awareness of self. Knowingly or unknowingly, we are swimming in a pool with other energy through conductivity. Society keeps us confused by teaching us to "be nice" by not speaking our truth, which is passive and creates confusion and a lack of trust because we can ALL sense the lie in the room! Or like all good dictators, know what is "best," therefore "take" without permission or consent. Let's discuss passi

the Season of less to Give?

Samhain is an astronomical midpoint between Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice when the veil betwixt the vibrant harvest of life gives way to life energy moving out and away from its center, returning to dust once more. The cycle of life energy is a continual and unending spiraling process. For me, the waning energy of the Shaiman came a bit early and walloped me into a zombie-like state. I couldn't focus my mind, and my will to action was mush! During my creative hours, all I could do was thumb through my cell phone! ~ you know that repetitive checking email, Instagram, text message loop?!! AGHH!!! It was the WORST! Time was passing, and all I could hear was the droning of my neighbor's broke