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To BE ~ Sunday ~ Root Chakra, Element of Earth

Is it a coincidence that we BEGIN NUMERICALLY this ONE (2017 = 1) NEW YEAR "in and upon" the EARTH element day at The Mystic Agent? NO! Every detail in life is on PURPOSE!

I believe it is telling of what's to come. For instance, the Polarity of our ROOT CHAKRA(Earth Element) governs:


I believe this NEW AGE upon the EARTH is the beginning of rediscovering the SAFETY or FEAR in our Root Chakra. The beginning of re-discovering OUR INNATE bodies SYSTEMS, SENSEs and INTUITIVE nature.

The Numerology of this "1" year is equated with ONE creative energy; the oneness of mankind; the power of selfhood;

of SELF-RELIANCE, dignity, rulership.

The question is do we want to be RULED by others OR reclaim our own SELF-RELIANCE?

The choices are ALL layed

out obviously and simply. Are you ready to be your own MYSTIC AGENT and create YOUR LIFE, YOUR WAY?

Will this #1 year be easy, maybe not. For me, having friends and associates around me that support my JOY on EARTH is such a GIFT. HALLELUJAH!!! (Lyrics by; Jeff Buckley)

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