• The Mystic Agent

To FEEL ~ Saturday ~ Sacral Chakra, Element of Water

Words/language are a "thing" to me either aiding me in my alignment or spinning into confusion. Since I was young when I would hear a word the RESONANCE of that word could confuse me so much that my head would spin and nothing would make sense.

2 OLDIES, a word and concept that are MIS-USED:

"FORGIVE" and to "LET GO"

For me these are old paradigm and get to be filled away in the DO NOT USE cabinet. Energetically they do not align. Look up "for" and "give" they cancel each other out in the dictionary. And, what does our own alignment have to do with ANYONE else? So, who are we forgiving?

And, "let go" ...of what?? Nothing EVER DIES. Things transmute ~ things/energy alchemically changes becoming dense or clear. Energy expands or contracts. So do we ever "let go" of anything? No, things become more bright and electric...or they become dense and still.

I hope you find this interesting and thought provoking...

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