• The Mystic Agent

To BE ~ Sunday ~ Root Chakra, Element of Earth


Can I remain FREE in my BEing while riding the waves of disruption on the EARTH?

The Earth plane(physical form) is based in duality energy. As human form woven with cosmic energy (spirit) we are constantly changing and moving. Our HUMAN endeavor is to attempt to ride these waves without LOCKING our energies (mind, body and spirit)in response to disruption. For the DISRUPTION that is manifest (the last process of the involution) and itself is moving out or transforming based on how we perceive and react to it.

Generally, the game is to breath & stay as LOOSE as possible... breath some more and then, if you can notice what responses are rising UP within you both physically and mentally. HONOR what you are feeling or thinking...listen. Allow your EMOTions to process through you. Depending on the "thing" try to be with it until a STRONG understanding of where YOU are in this experience "IS". The work is owning your experiences...turning them around to be about YOU. Then perhaps...YOU will be able to form language around that.

Remembering on EARTH our FREEDOM is within US, ALWAYS. We can always give our POWER and FREEDOM to others ~ it's OUR CHOICE. And, NO one person or circumstance can ever take our INHERENT FREEDOM from us.

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