• The Mystic Agent

To HONOR ~ Thursday ~ Heart Chakra, Element of Air


Do you HONOR your PUSSY?

Real intimacy resonates from the HEART chakra. The desire to be TOUCHED is in the heart...to be held/hold and nuzzle a woman's breasts or lay on a bare chested upon a man. Deep UNDERSTANDing and COMPASSION is within the AIR and when expressed as the PUSSY...well, I get wet thinking about it! And, in some laughter...and I am going DOWN!

The polarity of the AIR is JUDGEMENT ~ What we THINK about our PUSSY.

What have you been taught to THINK about your PUSSY?

What does your partner say about your PUSSY?

Think about it: When you were young were you left alone to touch yourself...or where you told that was not appropriate?

Can you be SEXUAL for PLEASURE and not want to ATTACH ownership energies to the act of SEX?

Juicy isn't it!!! Let's be NAKED about this cause the PUSSY is FOR YOU!