• The Mystic Agent

To ACT ~ Friday ~ Solar Plexus Chakra, Element of Fire


FIRE can be WILD and uncontrollable...that idea gets me hot. Some thunder down under! The FIRE wants to MOVE and be let loose! When a highly sexualized person walks into a room with their FIRE LIT the room parts to create more space for ALL OF THAT PUSSY!

Are you being MET in your SEXUAL energies?

Mike drop. Yeah, it must be said...Can you take ACTION with your partner (or Autonomously) upon ALL your fantasies, wants and dislikes? This is where BEING NAKED really happens because we need to be SAFE and SECURE within OURSELVES for these things to happen in a mature and FUN way.

Can your partner meet you in a debate?

Can your partner meet you in bed?

Can your partner meet you in your compassion?

Can your partner meet you in play?

How one MEETs me and my PUSSY is everything to me!

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