• The Mystic Agent

To BE ~ Sunday ~ Root Chakra, Element of Earth

INVOLUTION THEME: The Pussy Doing "the Pussy" on the Earth means BEing comfortable in your body. What does it mean to FEEL COMFORTABLE in your BODY?: Can you dance around your house NAKED and EXPOSED? Do you feel strong, flexible and able in your body? Do you have a practice of regular movement for your body? The PUSSY loves to FEEL VITAL and energized! Are you flexible when your your daily life changes in unforeseen ways? The PUSSY likes ADVENTURE and trying NEW things. Can you see CHANGE as an ADVENTURE? Women of today are claiming their bodies as THEIRS. In other words, our body parts are not SEXUAL until WE DECIDE AND FEEL THEY ARE. BE FREE and LOVE your body openly! Take it ALL OFF and celebrate your BODY! Our BEING is WHOLE autonomously.