• The Mystic Agent

To KNOW ~ Monday ~ Crown Chakra


Great LEADERSHIP begins in our individual consciousness and is SELF governed. It begins in our ability to connect within, hold our own resonance, boundaries and highly aware of the world around them/within them. They are Masters of wisdom and broad understandings.

If CONFUSION comes in, a great leaders waits for clarity. No matter how long that takes. Time is not relevant when GREATNESS creates. LEADERS are but a muse or alchemist for CREATION as it moves with divinity in and out of time and space.

Do you follow what others tell you is "the right thing to do?"

Are you able to question "the way things are done?"

How ofter do ask others for their opinion and input?

Are you ridged about what you believe?

A LEADER has their own direct connection to Universal Intelligence ~ they KNOW when they KNOW. And, they are open minded and able to question authority. LEADERS CREATE NEW CONCEPTS that followers may question...and may want to push against.

A true LEADER is able to stand alone in their KNOWING.