• The Mystic Agent

To SEE ~ Tuesday ~ Third Eye Chakra


A LEADER SEEs the world from a wide lens, good memory and a ability to concentrate. They have clear PERCEPTION of both the micro and macro view and think symbolically.

A LEADER SEE's a "Thing" and can PERCEIVE alternate outcomes by simply shifting their VIEW.

Do you believe there is only ONE True and right way?

Does your life match your VISION of what you intended for yourself?

Do you have a hard time admitting you have made a mistake?

Can you easily share the TRUTH of your feelings?

A great LEADER SEE's how they participate in or with a problem/thing, they own it and sometimes they go back to share how they participated IN the problem as they PERCEIVE it ~ this ACTION of TRUTH allows the energy to unwind for ALL parties involved. The LEADER SEEs that not everyone will be happy all the time and in human discomfort lies the human potential. So a LEADER learns to speak their TRUTH always...no matter how difficult it maybe to hear or say.

What is the example you set as YOU LEAD each day?