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To EXPRESS ~ Wednesday ~ Throat Chakra, Element of Ether


ETHER Chakra is the EXRESSion center of creativity via thought.

A LEADER EXPRESS's their point of view thru RESONANCE of voice and words, ACTIONS, CONSTANCY of behavior and demeanor. One does NOT need to SPEAK to EXPRESS ones ideas because ETHER is the energy field that HUMANS and ALL THINGS are comprised. Therefore when I FEEL and KNOW an idea it permeates from me via the ETHER out into the WORLD.

Words are just Words until they hurt or dictate or manipulate. Listen and watch our LEADERs of today, do they EXPRESS in a way that EMPOWERs or tears down humanity?

Do YOU hold our LEADER's responsible for their ACTIONS and EXPRESSIONS? And, do you FOLLOW willingly?

Do Religious LEADER (and it's Ideology) EXPRESS ideas around SUPPORTING ALL of Humanity without persecution OR do they only support those who follow their rules? And, do you FOLLOW willingly?

When people FOLLOW and support a LEADER EXPRESSions they become part of a group experience ~ deindividuation, or a loss of self-awareness CAN happen.

Think about this:

Do you question LEADERS philosophies?

Are you able to stand up and EXPRESS yourself truthfully?

Are you really conscious and therefore EXPRESSING FOR SOUL SELF?

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