• The Mystic Agent

To HONOR ~ Thursday ~ Heart Chakra, Element of Air


For me, a GREAT LEADER is a SPACE HOLDER. A person, who walks in personal DISCERNMENT between the AIR polarity of UNDERSTANDING vs. Judgement ~ HONORing ALL that shows up in LIFE.

Can anyone other than the SELF UNDERSTAND the depth and unique alchemy of ones personal journey? Are we bypassing our intuitive nature SELF by asking others(Religions, MEME's, Parents, Doctors, Teachers, Therapist, etc)what is best us?

Our society gives great POWER to LEADERS ~ Are these "LEADERS" WORTHY of this HONOR & POWER that WE GIFT TO them?

How often do we GIVE up OUR POWER of DISCERNMENT to others JUDGEMENTS? Since birth our parents, teachers, churches, doctors, government, advertising and news stations TELLS US what is right and best for us. Have we chosen to BLINDLY FOLLOW?

Can you make MAJOR decisions for yourself by/with yourself?

Is a ARMY/Military/Police LEADERSHIP HONORable? A LEADER who leads through arbitrary use of power is a dictatorship. I UNDERSTAND that a large society is served by police/army. When one joins these services one GIVES up their AUTONOMY...they become followers. Once you follow how do you DISCERN consciously for SELF what is right and wrong? Our military is trained to do what is TOLD TO THEM...and NOT to be CONSCIOUS for themselves. Do you KNOWINGLY want to do that? And, then what if our GOVERNMENT uses it's FORCES for UNJUSTIFIED ACTIONS...then is being of SERVICE still HONORABLE? Tough questions.

A LEADER listens, supports and ask questions so that ALL feel HEARD and KNOWN. As a LEADER HONORs others choices and gives them the space to hear themselves...the world becomes a softer place. A place of the HEART.

Do you LEAD or FOLLOW?