• The Mystic Agent

To FEEL ~ Saturday ~ Sacral Chakra, Element of Water


The WATER of LEADERSHIP is about "HOW" one "BE's."

A LEADER resonance FEELING tone is KNOWn by all proprioceptively. Maybe instead of greeting people with, "How are you DOing?" ~ we should say "How are you BEing" today?! What I am really asking is "How is your connection to yourself and the Earth?"

As the LEADER of your own existence what types of ENERGY are you attracted to?

Cold and distant Warm and receptive Big and outward energy Laid back almost blahzah Joyous and perky

Ask yourself this question the next time you meet up with someone. Notice their resonance. Notice how you feel around people either one on one OR in a group. Who we are attracted to tells US, HOW we ourselves like to "BE" or resonate. Are you conscious about HOW the energy around you FEELs?

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