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To KNOW ~ Monday ~ Crown Chakra


The energy of LOVE is convoluted to me. Many speak about it as the SUPREME way to BE on earth. I want to disagree.

I am not clear that LOVE is even KNOWn in the CROWN CHAKRA. My KNOWing tells me that LOVE is simply a positive feeling tone on the polarity spectrum.

As a example: I LOVE and adore many things: Art, how I SEE things, Creativity, Beauty, hiking, Skiing, writing...the list is unending. And, THROUGH these JOYs/LOVEs comes INSPIRATION which is OF the CROWN CHAKRA.

Hmmm???? MAYBE YOU KNOW the ANSWER to that unending question:

What came first the LOVE or the INSPIRATION?

***What do you LOVE?

***(write your answers and keep a list for this weeks questions)

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