• The Mystic Agent

To SEE ~ Tuesday ~ Third Eye Chakra


How righteous is it that Valentines Day lands on the Day designated to HOW we "SEE" our world?!!! LOVE can be such a drug!

LOVE is...as illusive as our ability to PERCEIVE.

What is LOVE? A feeling.

Is LOVE the "end all" and "be all" FEELING? NO!! KNOWING and SEEING where you want to EXPRESS, ACT, FEEL and BE has more depth to it than ANY fleeting FEELING. Are you able to notice your present thought and feeling?

Do you want to PERCEIVE the WORLD as LOVE?

For me, LOVE can be an ILLUSION and LOVING everyone can be too much PRESSURE! And, I LOVE saying that!!! It FEELs freeing.

What is your PERSPECTIVE on LOVE?