• The Mystic Agent

To HONOR ~ Thursday ~ Hearth Chakra, Element of Air


What expectations do you place upon LOVE?

Does LOVE solve everything?

Does LOVE = the HEART?

LOVE the "word" has been spoken since the beginning of language-ing and therefore carry's with it MANY meanings with MANY different type of energy "attachments" too. Do you have ideas about what deserves your LOVE? Or do you sacrifice your will, desires, money and time in the name of LOVE?

When our ability to digest and process life is good our energies move freely to our HEART which is the keeper of ecstasy, self soothing and self healing.

Contrarily, when we BYPASS the HEART's boundaries or become codependent then our internal connections to heart SELF become unstable= our energy becomes OFF or worse, patterns of dis-ease are created.

The HEART KNOWs the Celestial SOUND our SOULs truth beyond our logical mind. And, the HEART resonates many frequencies including LOVE.