• The Mystic Agent

To ACT ~ Friday ~ Solar Plexus Chakra, Element of Fire


Is LOVE always in ACTION?

Keeping in mind that there are 2 primary ways ENERGY moves INWARD (INVOLUTION) or outward (EVOLUTION).

Evolutionary LOVE in ACTION expresses UP and OUT = a DESIRE to BE in ACTION. When we ACT with LOVE from a FEELing of DESIRE or PASSION the potency is unquantifiable.

Involutionary LOVE in ACTION expresses as smoldering and inward = Saving our ENERGY for ourself FIRST is the discipline in ACTION for SELF LOVE.

In every moment we can chose HOW we want to EXPRESS and HONOR "LOVE" with our FIRE energy either for OURSELF or OUT into the WORLD...both actions serving the WHOLE EQUALLY.


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