• The Mystic Agent

To FEEL ~ Saturday ~ Sacral Chakra, Element of Water


LOVE in the WATER can range from euphoric, passionate, desire to deep sorrowful and profound pain. The WATER when moving freely through our bodies can easily process the FEELings of PAIN and LOVE when HONORed and processed fully.

LOVE HONORs, supports and holds FEELings in a UNATTACHED way.

FEELings want to be EXPRESSed through ACTion. Shouting from the roof tops: LOVE! I LOVE life! I LOVE breathing! I LOVE you...

For me, the FEELing tone of LOVE is kinda like this: wearing soft and easy clothing with the wrapped in coziest of blankets while sitting next to a FIRE as it snows outside. Windows opened enough to allow fresh clean and bright AIR to move the energy of the space within and in the back ground the smell of a EARTHy stew on the stove = LOVE.