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To BE ~ Sunday ~ Root Chakra, Element of EARTH

To BE ~ Sunday ~ Root Chakra, Element of EARTH


LOVE on EARTH begins within. LOVing how you relate to the life you have created. LOVing what you do on the EARTH plane. LOVing who you are! LOVing the way you talk to yourself...and how you listen to yourself ~

LOVE from outside of ourselves never completes us.


The truth about me and LOVE is that I tried to BE wild and in LOVE with others and life...to BE myself and in LOVE with all that I was doing and BEing. I failed or should I say "learned" from each PAINfull experience! On my last attempt at searching for LOVE outside of myself; I tried to play by the RULES. Which took me on a 14 year detour AWAY from myself. Sadly, life passes so quickly.

For me LOVE means clearly defining WHO and WHAT I AM. Along with creating what I want as the foundation for the most abundant and powerfully lived life.