• The Mystic Agent

To HONOR ~ Thursday ~ Heart Chakra, Element of Air


So far this week, We have discussed the INVOLUTION of LIES in our KNOWing, VISION and EXPRESSion so today we step down into our HEART. If LYing has been modeled or learned as a way of coping with our environment prior to the AIR in the HEART, patterns of behavior on a energetic level have already begun.

This doesn't mean we can't unlearn the LIE, we can. The LIEs can get complicated, layered and become dense...and illusive. However, we can unlearn the LIE. Energy wants to move and be related to. So HONORing ourselves FIRST in every moment ~ notice when you FEEL dis-ease. We you give your attention to something it changes. That change can aids the patterns in unwinding. And, the path to YOUR TRUTH will begin to be shown to you!

Our Heart is the connection to the PRESENT moment...to the ONE unifying energy happening always NOW. NOW in this MOMENT at hand via the AIR & ETHER connection.

KNOW THY SELF. And, you will BE FREE.