• The Mystic Agent

To FEEL ~ Saturday ~ Sacral Chakra, Element of Water


Emotion vs FEELing. Our FEELing have sensory intelligence. Emotions is a affect of a unresolved or unaddressed FEELing or traumas.

Can EMOTIONS LIE to us? Yes and, this can BE a HUGE gift! When we have a strong emotional reaction it it telling us;

HEY!!! NOTICE ME!!!! I am FEELing something here!!!

Next time you become emotional ask yourself:

a. How & Where am I feeling this in my "subtle body(google if needed)."

b. Then ask the pain what information it has for you.

(Breath...breath...breath...keep breathing to aid the movement of energy pass.)

Sometimes the PAIN is so DEEP in the WATER...that a LIE can be the best and most soothing thing. LIE to me...