• The Mystic Agent

To BE ~ Sunday ~ Root Chakra, Element of Earth


LOST ON EARTH, wondering in the illusions. Here in LA~LA Land selling the idea that once you have the Car, the Purse, the Dude, the Money, the Job, the Visibility you will be happy!

Sit down please...it's a LIE. Forget it! They are selling a LIE. They are selling the GRAND distraction away from BEing STILL and KNOWing who YOU are. Happiness on EARTH comes from WITHIN us first. BEing secure in who "I AM."

On EARTH I AM the creators of my world and HOW it reflects back toward me.

Ask yourself; "Is what I have created a authentic EXPRESSion of me?" "Did I get HERE on purpose?"

I Am the HOST with a connection to my own innate organizing intelligence. Stop living other's LIEs. Wake up and REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE ON EARTH!

BE still and KNOW that I AM.