• The Mystic Agent

To ACT ~ Friday ~ Solar Plexus Chakra, Element of Fire


Throughout life we are taught "the right way," "the safe way" and "the smart way" to do a thing and never ever ever are you to embarrass yourself...that is only for the foolish!

When we FORCE ourselves into a box we KILL our FIRE, our passion and will to ACT. This ACTion is not NEUTRAL. Nor is it implementing our alchemical advantage...our innate POWER!

We can not ACT from a place of protection. Protection suggests fear and being less than. Safety is a word I want to burn in the FIRE!!!

GOOD BYE "playing it safe" and "by the rules!" This girl is on FIRE!!! I am willing to be at RISK. I am willing to make it up and fake it! I am willing to be foolish and possibly lose. I want to dance in the FIRE and possibly get burnt. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest. So I will remain open, NEUTRAL and explore what I AM