• The Mystic Agent

To HONOR ~ Thursday ~ Heart Chakra, Element of Air


HONOR = remaining NEUTRAL while going with what "is."

Can you HONOR:

Being fired?

Not being chosen for a role or job?

Your lover leaving?

Your landlord evicting you?

A dear friend voting for someone you disagree with?

Can we HONOR others choices vs. feeling like we are not good enough or that things are not fair, life becomes easier. And, our experiences with others begin to reflect HONORing...more and more.

Our HEART has the capacity to UNDERSTAND and then HONOR other choices even when those choices don't appear to be in our favor at the microcosm.

Given time and space we can come to a UNDERSTANDing of the BIGGER picture or the macrocosm. How do we wait? What about the NOW PAIN?!

Tuning in with and HONORing HEART wisdom, breathing with it ~ TOUCHing it and HOLDing it...will aid you in remaining NEUTRAL in the HEART. Breathing and TOUCHing our own HEART can aid us in UNDERSTANDing vs. Judgement.

Touch me and know that I am HERE.