• The Mystic Agent

To BE ~ Sunday ~ Root Chakra, Element of Earth

INVOLUTION of Neutrality

Growing up I developed the idea that BEing "content" meant you have "a good life" 󰀀 Is BEing content on EARTH NEUTRAL? Maybe it is? Is BEing content a "good life" or better, your best life?

For me, a good life calls for experiencing all the polarities of energy: Positive, Neutral and Negative. The EARTH has every kind experience we could dream of doing and being so, why would we want to by-pass it when it can aid us in expanding our perception?

People preach "BE positive, BE positive" ~ that's just too much pressure! I want to perceive life fully with all the energies. I KNOW my sweet spot lies in NEUTRALITY. There is never really ONE WAY to do anything or ONE solution to fit all because we are unique configurations of alchemy.

So reach up ☝ and out to connect with heavenly energies of joy and love ~ AND, let's not forget that EARTH offers much too! We are also served by bringing our energy ⚡IN and down 👇into the EARTH Mother herself!!! Grounding into her comfort and safety, knowing NEUTRALITY does not have to mean complacent ~ it can your best life found peacefully.