• The Mystic Agent

To KNOW ~ Monday ~ Crown Chakra

INVOLUTION of Delusion

What if DELUSION was KNOWing that you create every moment of your waking life?!!!

Believing and KNOWing that I am EXPRESSing divine alignment ~ and, I don't care if it's really real, a fact or truth; I can wake myself up at the perfect time each day, enjoy my favorite morning rituals in reverence with an abundance of time, that every traffic light goes green as I approach it, all of the people that I meet with relate to me and give me all of my askings, that business effortlessly flows to me as I play and enjoy my every pursuit! How DELUSIONAL would that be?!

Maybe being DELUSIONAL can be good?

"You can check-out but you can never leave" my favorite lyrics of all time. Think about it. So, why not exist in dynamic thought and energy consciously creating your perception?!

Our Crown Chakra KNOWs infinitely ALL. Either you KNOW you are clear and have an ability to assimilate information or you are CONFUSED. This is where life can be Heaven or it can be Hell ~