• The Mystic Agent

To EXPRESS ~ Wednesday ~ Throat Chakra, Element of Ether


"TELL ME LIES, TELL me SWEET little LIES(Fleetwood Mac);"

The lies we EXPRESS to ourselves is part of our own DELUSION. So, why would we "re-arrange ourselves" to fit what others expect of us? We have all been taught not to hurt another's feeling. We learned to tell LIES.

The truth is "we can't disguise" ourselves to others. Humans can feel the resonance of energy EXPRESSing around them. We can sense lies. Instead we become lost to the person who matters the most, me!

When we EXPRESS our truth life begins to reflect who we are on a SOUL-U-LAR level, our inspirations will resonate with the right people and the world around you will bend toward you! No DELUSION necessary.

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