• The Mystic Agent

To HONOR ~ Thursday ~ Heart Chakra, Element of Air


DELUSION in ones HEART CHAKRA comes from "judgements" of people/places/things/ideas. Further, ones HEART "Judgements" are emotions and ideas of; "lack;" neediness, jealous, possessiveness, fear, intolerance...

Knowing or unknowingly ~ we react. An extreme DELUSIONAL reaction could be;

I NEED to have a partner or I am unhappy.

I love you but, I don't like you very much.

You are narcissistic, stop only thinking of yourself!

Funny little stories we tell ourselves and others that might or might not be true...yet, we can see them in our minds eye and feel them in our bodies...and it feels like SHIT! What stories are you telling yourself?

"Funny how the heart can be deceiving More than just a couple times Why do we fall in love so easy Even when it's not right"