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To ACT ~ Friday ~ Solar Plexus Chakra, Element of Fire


The SOLAR PLEXUS is the Ego Identity. This energy expresses from overly aggressive, competitive and arrogant to victim mentality, physically or emotionally cold and passive.

Remind you of anyone?

After the world witnessed the sexual predator behavior of a man that would become the President of the FREE Nation, most people will no longer be in DELUSION about the hypocrisy in society and organized religion. All humans have now realized personal RESPONSIBILITY for their WILL POWER and have begun to take ACTION to MEET this CHALLENGE.

DELUSION has always been sold "comparatively" so, wake up and notice it!

Patriarchal DELUSION; women are the Rib of men(it's not literal), women shamed for breastfeeding yet men go topless often and whenever, strength is considered superior to being receptive and intuitive, that women can not make decisions about their own body yet everyone can own a gun and decide how to use it?

As women we should have KNOWN the DELUSION of the patriarchal lie when we were shamed for have the same sexual desires as men! Heterosexual males can have sex for pleasure without LOVE yet women who have sex for pleasure without LOVE are SLUTS.

"You say you're looking for a fool And I'm just like "me too!" I'm gonna let ya know the truth I'm a slut like you"

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