• The Mystic Agent

To FEEL ~ Saturday ~ Sacral Chakra, Element of Water 🌊


Element of WATER 🌊 in the Sacral Chakra is about giving and receiving, emotional intelligence and the ability to experience pleasure and healthy boundaries.

To me, the idea that we should relate to all humans is DELUSIONAL ~ including family members! We are unique configurations even when we share genes. People do not flow in and out of or lives randomly. Every giving and receiving is on purpose, every breath, every noticing that one 🙋 experiences happen for our deepest and most expansive becoming.

One of the hardest thing I have ever done in my life was to emotionally support my son @ 15 to leave the state where we lived and move to Virginia with his Father. The progression to this EMOTIONAL and physical chaos was a year and half in coming for me, the intuitive. As much I wanted him to stay us and his younger brother to both continue growing, I could not stand in his way - I saw that the bigger picture ahead was going to teach him what he needed. I struggled with my own pain and DELUSION of what was right and best for him sometime prior to his leaving and long after he was gone ~ sadly, I yielded my own BOUNDARIES to make this happen for him. How could I ever know what was truly right for someone else and how could I project what would happen next...I had to go on FAITH or did I? Is Faith DELUSIONAL? And, why did I give up my own BOUNDARIES, my own safety net for "Love" or because a so called "expert" said it was the thing to do? Sure, I can tell you stories about the manipulation that lead him there and ultimately it doesn't matter because I was clear he had to make his own choice. And, after he left I was painfully reminded why one should always keep their own BOUNDARIES FIRST, then if you desire HONOR others. This experience was "the end of the innocence." This was the end of my EMOTIONAL DELUSION.

"Remember when the days were long And rolled beneath a deep blue sky Didn't have a care in the world With mommy and daddy standing by

When "happily ever after" fails And we've been poisoned by these fairy tales The lawyers dwell on small details Since daddy had to fly

Just lay your head back on the ground And let your hair fall all around me Offer up your best defense But this is the end This is the end of the innocence" ~ Don Henley