• The Mystic Agent

To BE ~ Sunday ~ Root Chakra, Element of Earth


DELUSION permeates this EARTH plain for better and for worse~your choice. Which brings up the age old idea of a God vs. a Devil or Good vs. Evil.

Do you believe there is some dude granting wishes when we behave "right?" Is there consistency in the idea of "right" behavior?" Why is there a dude out to "get us" called a DEVIL and what did I ever do to him!? Why is God testing me? When we are being tested we think there is a right choice or a wrong choice, correct? Why would a supportive omnipresent God make me wrong? How can a God be a true omnipresent one without consistency? To me, these twisted concepts have always been DELUSIONAL.

I am not speaking about the WORDs in the bible, I am speaking to man's interpretation of those WORDs. When one studies various beliefs from indigenous, esoteric and organized religions you will find a through line between all of them = SOUND...aka frequency aka energy.

The secret to noticing DELUSION on EARTH happens when inconsistency or hypocritical events, feelings or behavior shows itself in the things we are doing.

Energetic principles and sacred geometry are consistent and support me in creating my life my way. Simply DISCIPLINE and STRUCTURE paves a path through every experience as a opportunity on EARTH.

"Oh, she got both feet on the ground And she's burning it down Oh, she got her head in the clouds And she's not backing down

[Hook] This girl is on fire This girl is on fire She's walking on fire This girl is on fire" ~ Alicia Keys

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