• The Mystic Agent

To KNOW ~ Monday ~ Crown Chakra


I have been lost to myself for a bit in the last few months. I am still able to function and DO the things I have set out to DO. Yet, I am lost or constipated with the trauma and patterns of my past.

The painful thing is I am highly aware and witnessing myself. And, I am over it! I want to POOP it all out!!! I am ready to move on! I am ready to be happy, silly and frolic again! I am ready to focus my FIRE flowingly and SHIT my energy in a good way...in a passionate way. Feel me?! (Clearly I have some unreleased and unexpressed FIRE!)

POOP in the CROWN CHAKRA is a ALCHEMY of energies. Basically we are CONFUSED and until we are able to have UNDERSTANDING we get congested and backed up with POOP.

And, while in the CROWN we are also speaking about the collective consciousness. We think our POOP is special and really we all have POOP and we are all going through some similar POOP right now. (I am having fun with this! Feeling like I need to go! LOL)

In this scenario, CONFUSION is un-expressed POOP.