• The Mystic Agent

To SEE ~ Tuesday ~ Third Eye Chakra

Involution of a CLEANSE

Today is day 11 on my cleanse. I am exhausted. My brain is mush. I missed posting yesterday, KNOWing I needed a break.

Sunday night a group of friends and I did a SWEAT LODGE CLEANSING for the Spring Solstice. After the sweat 😓 my energy was off 📴 so I ended up misplacing my phone! I KNEW I was ungrounded and not ASSIMILATING INFORMATION well in my CROWN Chakra and I felt DISSOCIATION from my body however I did not take the time to collect my energy and to be present.

How often do we PLACE our CONSCIOUSNESS UPON our ENERGY system?

Do you OWN how you are FEELING and engage with it to ask it what it needs to KNOW, SEE, EXPRESS, HONOR, ACT, FEEL and BE better?

Are we SEEing ourselves with balanced intuitive and intellect or are we lazy about LISTENing to ourselves? This was me, Sunday!

Are we SEEing our PRESENT moment or are we off into our phone, work, money, car, sex, problems, boy/girls, kids...?


What is ONE WAY to clear your THIRD EYE?