• The Mystic Agent

To ACT ~ Friday ~ Solar Plexus Chakra, Element of Fire

Involution of a Cleanse

The element of FIRE means ACTION and ACTION during a CLEANSE means cleaning out the cob-webs of your energetic life...so cleaning everything inside and outside of you! The space you live in, the space you work in, your car, your skin, teeth, hair, muscles and digestion!

CLEANSE, De-clutter, Donate and then...ORGANIZE.

It's all a energy process; ACTivation, Chaos, Circulation and Integration. Should you begin to FEEL overwhelmed in the Chaos part of the process remember; Theres no pressure, be easy with it. Make a list, check it off as you go. Pick one thing or one section of your home and tackle it. Take breaks...

Check out your favorite "Organizer's" on line.