• The Mystic Agent

Day #1 ~ Lost in IRELAND

I have never traveled abroad. I am on an adventure.

I will share with you that during the last Mystic Agent (TMA) blog I said "this will be my last video”...as I spoke those words, I sensed a feeling of death. Which haunted me as I prepared for and traveled to Dublin.

Day #1 I have been joking (not really a joke) about hanging with my peps the Leprechauns. Realizing now that their medicine (the trickster energies akin to coyote medicine) greeted me at the Dublin airport, his name was Patrick employed by Budget Rentals Cars. I arrived in Dublin at 5:20pm and didn’t get to my hotel until 11:30pm…thanks to Patrick.

I am so grateful for the fairies that helped point me in the right direction when I was lost on the streets of Dublin and the taxi driver who comforted me as I cried buckets of fear. He brought me safely to my temporary womb called “The Fleet Street hotel”… were all sorts of energies where...some dense. At this point, I could relate with them! I locked myself into a shoe box sized room; cried and prayed...wondering if I had made a big mistake coming to Ireland. My nervous system was on overload!

Polara-TEA! Tried to sleep while wrestling with the invoked overactive rationalizing loops running in my mind.