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Day # 2, Dublin, IRELAND ~ Can I rebound from the trauma in Dublin?

Did not sleep, up at 6:30am to get a taxi so the Gremlins don’t ticket the rental at 8am. As loopy as I am, and I am LOOPY… this day is humming, taxi is here waiting for me effortlessly. Taxi driver goes out of his way to care for and support me (my energy field needs this) so I can "do" less. I find my way slowly to breakfast and another parking situation, this time it is easy with a fully charged cell phone and GPS! I must say it; “How did we survive before navigation systems?” Yummy, food at Cornucopia aids me in bringing my energy in and downward to the earth. I can feel my nervous system responding to the care and honoring I am giving it.

Glendalough was a combination of tourist and busyness set in this sacred bubble of land, rivers and mountains. I would have enjoyed being here much longer and was not prepared for all that it offered. Hiking/walking shoes, a rested body and time to enjoy the energy of this land is needed. I will come back to be in the majesty someday soon. I ate lunch at the local hotel. Interestingly, the waitress matched the energy I was trying to rebound from; new (at her job) and figuring things out with little to no guidance, trying to please everyone while doing her best. Hmmm... its fascinating how life is always giving me constant and immediate feedback reflecting my old and current story that I want to mature. All the stories I tell about "whatever" is always really about me and where I am. Like the song goes; "We can check out...but we can never leave."

I can tell you BUDGET was scamming me...and in the end, it's about ME and how I handle this moving forward. Rather than attaching to the plans I had I could have been flexible and vulnerable enough to walk away and allow for a new plan, Stan! And, set yourself FREE!!! These songs are singing themselves! Instead, I stood in the FIRE. Which is also a great lesson. The choice is always mine.

Powerscourts Hotel and Spa! Nap. Nap. Nap. Cross-Fit class...I rocked this and will do this when I get home! Breath and movement only...at my pace, not the teachers. Which moved the whole class to pace with me. And, frankly the collective group needed what I was doing - OF COURSE. Fancy dinner for one then, tea in the lounge…there are not a lot of guests at this time in the grand hotel. A good night's sleep, finally?

~ The Mystic Agent

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