• The Mystic Agent

Day #3 ~ Wicklow County, Ireland Off Direction, Again?

Woke up, WAY... late...my whole day is off direction. I literally stumble out of bed in a haze lost (still) a bit and trying to recalculate my day based on the limited amount of time left. Typical thing I do in LA based upon demand...so, this is easy.

Pack, eat, call the vale and off for a quick walk to explore the grounds before hitting the spa for the day!

I can feel the water from the land supporting me and all around me as I walk through the Powerscourt grounds.

At some point during my time at the spa I began to settle back into myself again; as I lay viewing the Sugar Loaf Mountains in the quiet room or during the facials and massage or was it during the yummy meal? Quieting, as I begin to deepen with my soul connection.

As I become still and quiet, I reflect back upon the waters impressions within me. This feeling is challenging to put into words and I will try; the water here is everywhere; the ether, air moves fast in a weighted way, in everything I see none of it is standing still, my crown chakra feels like it's breathing in a new easier way, lifted up and outwardly in all that I can imagine; I can feel within my temple being. This Taurus energy field that I am has become the universe...nothing separates me from the whole of the cosmos while in this water.

Now off too the Sweat Lodge Retreat lead by Heather Principe of Yoga and Polarity Therapy in New York @ www.yogapolarity.com/ ~ She is a master teacher. And, I am beyond excited to be held in her space for 5 days! I have known I would take this trip for over a year and a half.

I was greeted with a shot of Whiskey! Rarely on retreat will I drink alcohol. I am thrown for a moment ~ as I have shared I have been cleansing for this sweat. And, alcohol is not always nice to my body the next day. After a beat and a quick check in with myself, I welcome the moment and joined in! Wee….

Got settled in then we had our opening ceremony. Welcoming in our Ancestors...