• The Mystic Agent


My new friend, I won't use names...let's call her the Goddess. The Goddess approached me disappointed that I had not joined the “pub” group the night before. She felt pushed away by my non-participation. This is something I have felt from people and heard before...this time however, I heard something different; I heard her words, received them, and honored them without attaching any ownership to them leaving me able to effortlessly apologized from my heart …she softened and received my intention sincerely. I noticed and appreciated this moment as a personal growth curve where I could hear her concerns/criticism and honor her/it and not personalize it/her...a real maturing for me.

We had teaching most of the mornings. We are given a 3 hour break and I still need to complete uploading the video for the Anniversary…yet, I am struggling with wifi. There is a energy of pushing away from certain people around me that do not feel comfortable with my filming. And, I want to honor their space…so I am feeling I need to let go of this until I leave. For now, I NEED to get to Wifi so ONE video goes out…I am off to a local town “Gory” on break!

I couldn’t get it out in Gory either …as I rush back resigned to my fate; videos are not easily created, edited, or uploaded. I will instead do what I can while traveling and put the rest together when I get home. This to was a noticing of dreaming bigs vs. the how's, when's and where's of bringing my visions to the earth to manifest! Time was passing so fast, and I was getting so little done. I need to reprioritize. What do I want to experience while I am here? What is really important to me during this time? I will let this go, after one last try ~ BAM! It went through.

As the energies would have it, Heather placed me in the South of the lodge this afternoon...which is the place of that last push or where we can give up and walk away from our dreams....Capitulation.

I went to the pub this night with a big group - fat and lazy dogs with beds lined the pub ~ for real. Whisky was had and laughter filled the room! No one would discuss the Leprechauns though. Why, is that? It's was fun driving home on the wrong side of the road, trying to keep up so I would not get lost in the forest! Weeeee!

Kim (whom I have grown to adore on this trip) and I decided to make a video for our friends back in the state's called a; Girlfriends, Girlfriends, Girlfriends(video)…. Which will be my last video until the day I leave.