• The Mystic Agent

Day 6; Wexford Co., IRELAND ~ What we ALL WANT!? Is DIFFERENT.

Double sweat day! We are expecting guests for this sweat lodge. I can't believe tomorrow is our last day. My current roommate and I in a conversation now about traveling together when the retreat is over. And, Amy Cheryl and I might do something too. I have no firm plans beyond tomorrow, none. The only thing I know "for sure" is I need to make a plane in Dublin on the 16th.

I easily forget about filming. And, enjoy my rituals of tea, breakfast and being in the present moment. I loved witnessing Heather Principe hold her space! She is the most fierce woman I have ever known. So clear in who she is both masculine and feminine. The day starts off direction, and she moves with it...and at times she holds her boundaries then she changes her mind. I witnessed others judgments and how she was not attached to it or the outcome, she held herself and moved from there forward. Like I said, balanced, individuated and open hearted ~ GIRL CRUSH!

I was finding myself thrilled and scared when I felt called to ask a question of Heather...I knew her wisdom would cut to the heart of it. Which too in the past, could cut my heart. I hold my own with her, perhaps as a reflection OF HER? - Either way, it informs my whole system and I LIKE IT! The water element is self leveling, holding all of us IN the most expansive point of the one; HEATHER.

Double sweat was easy ~ I was ready for more!

As we returned from our sweat my roommate informed me that while she would be open to extending our travels together beyond this retreat with me she would have certain rules; she wanted to spend money on food not lodging so she wanted to stay in hostels. I asked her what she wanted to spend on hostels...she would not give me a number. Hmmm. She further went on to say she didn't want to be around media because she did that for a living and wanted a break. I knew at that point we would not be traveling together. What about Amy? I sat with Amy for a while and we received many suggestions from the locals. Heather too suggested we go "to the navel" of Ireland. When she said "the navel" I remember it hitting me and I didn't know why or where the heck the navel was! Amy decided she really needed to go north because her time was so short so, I was on my own...again.

The energy in the space shifted during these two conversations..the communal room's energy was now changed. The night became odd and got more odd; Heather went off to sleep. Some of the group wanted to go out again to the Pub for the last hurrah and sat patiently waiting for the rest of the group to decide during the same time we were discussing those travel plans. This is where it got interesting to me; I witnessed some of the group begin to scurry around like children hiding something from their parents...and then, they disappeared. Leaving behind those who sat patiently at the table.

As I went to bed I felt clear about my plans for the next 4 days. Goodnite.

~ The Mystic Agent