• The Mystic Agent

Day 9 ~ Dzogchen Beara, Buddhist Medition Center, W. Cork Co., Ireland WHY DOES MAN HATE NAKED PEOPL

I am taken aback by the the joy & simplicity of morning rituals with tea; preparing it, drinking it. How my tea rituals starts my days well, every time. Now off to meditation. Everything has slowed down. Everything. I explored the land after meditation. It was cool and comforting to learn how they teach meditation is the same to what I teach, preach and practice. It's all a very simple exercise of being both on the micro and macro fields. Beauty and unity is everywhere. So far this trip has been about recognizing my own belongingness. Such a big idea if you think about it. For me its a matter of being comfortable in my own skin with confidence and a willingness to be naked. The naked part has always been easy for me! LOL And, to be honest with myself ~ I hated that the world would judge me for liking it. Imagine the world not supporting someone for being naked, honest and vulnerable. LOL ~ In the end, maybe that is all any one of us really has to offer.

I reorganize my belongings so I can travel lighter. This is a good metaphor for the blog today. Late for lunch...the chef prepares something special for me. Meditation, again...new space ~ different meditation exercise. More time hiking and exploring the outdoors in quiet. Bath time. Goodnight moon. How I love to flow with you.