• The Mystic Agent

Day 11, Ancient Sites; Viking Energy & Lough Gur...to Kilkenny Ireland

Tea, breakfast with Brid (pronounced BrEEd) who surprised a few of us by making magical banana pancakes - Did you know you can make pancakes with eggs and banana ONLY??!! A new young man has arrived his name is Mike from Boston(whom you saw on yesterday's video) and newly transplanted in Ireland... He will make a wonderful Fire keeper one day soon. Off to meditation.

Saying goodbye is easy this time. I feel solid as I journey onward...to discover the "Navel of Ireland" wherever that is? In the meantime off to Kilkenny via Lough Gur.

In route to Lough Gur I went through this pass just before the water fall coming up the hill I was overcome by a strong energy of suffering and a knowing of Viking energy. I am certain something tragic happen here. It's a noticing...I have a flash of memory of being strangled. Past life? Perhaps.

My GPS guides me to a site by Lough Gur that doesn't feel right. I believe it's a burial or sacrificial site. Either way, I don't care...I am out/leaving.

Lough Gur circle, is sacred...I notice the enlivened prayers held here as the cows chase me around. Hilarious!!! Do I look like food!? Another party arrives to the site at the same time, most of their group is welcoming. The person with the biggest energy is pushing me away so, I honor that...it saves my energy for me!!! LOL

I am loving how easy every moment is now...I am present and tuned into my own awareness of all that is around, in and through me; I then receive "IT" ~ LET LIFE COME TO YOU!!! And, it's not as simple as a longline...or maybe it is.

I arrive at my hotel...oh the streets of Ireland. It's seems to me that every city in Ireland has a 9 3/4 platform entrance! It's old and odd for todays' standards. I love it!!! The entrance to the hotel is so small, no SUV would get through it and IF you are not accidentally stopped in front of it...you would keep driving past it. Luckily, I was stopped...then I reversed my little car and people moved to allow me in (which is my life motto moving forward; people/circumstance/things/ideas/energies move and change to allow me as I journey).

The hotel gave me a new room on the bottom floor which smelled of paint...and they immediately moved me to a suite on the top floor with a view! See, life adjusting FOR ME.