• The Mystic Agent

Day 12; Gathering myself at the NAVEL

Tea, a long walk river side in the middle of a city - I was in wonder as I walked along this river forest, how it seemed to hold the poles of density and lightness ~ I could feel it weighted more toward the dense aspects of this city. When you think about this cities history, I'd say the evolution is winning. And, it would be fun to allow this place to tell it's story. Perhaps my next trip! Breakfast...might be my last chance of local meats! This room of muggles is very odd ... these so called normal people seem like the walking dead. I am definately walking between demensions. Off to the calcite caves. Quick drive. I join late for a tour...The structure created to exhibit the cave was not a big enough sign post for what I felt and experienced once I came upon the entrance. I was literally thrown back energetically. So, I stayed back...and waited until the energy welcomed me in. Yet, I never felt right here...and after a time became extremely dizzy, so much so that I wanted to run out screaming. So I left. The energies where pressing me down and stiffling. My intuitive experience was mostly of trauma and insanity. I tune in with it as I write this and feel heavy in my chest.. and difficulty breathing. Yuck. Break time to re-adjust...driving into the rain. Back in the car, off to the Hill of Uisneath. This was by far my favorite ancient mythological site. You could feel the Divine feminine here. It rained the whole tour hike. Toward the end of the hike we came to a hills cliff looking down upon a valley with a huge rock formation, my vision expanded as I received a huge breath of fresh air. The guide said we have a tradition that the women approach the rock first, men follow; this is the NAVEL OF IRELAND. What!!!!???? I laughed out loud and to myself...I MADE IT TO THE NAVEL of IRELAND AS HEATHER HAD SUGGESTED.

I AM HERE! A few of us were slipping down the grassy wet hill...laughing in joy as we approached her belly. When we arrived the guide went on to say that this navel was the map of Ireland during ancient matriarchal times and all the leader met here ....and as we left the guide added(that he rarely shares this but...): you can rebirth yourself by crawling under and thru the rocks (navel). I stayed behind as the tour went on I laugh and cried sitting there unable to move. I too have made it under and through my belly having diguested all that my life has thrown my way. Not only for me...for generations of shaming, persecution, and being made to feel less than... Since I was a child I could see spirit forms and believed in my own power to create. The world around me did not know beyond the bible or what was "real." Molestation, abandoment, verbal abuse, confusion, sex, drugs and rock n roll...nothing could contain me. I foolishly innocently continued to believe in myself and those around me. Lol ~ I now stand new, atonomuous with a strong and readied voice. So gratful am I. Wow. Drenched from head to toe, I leave to my last stop...Loughgrew. This is Friday Passover so no restaurants or pubs are open. I make my way to the hostel at Loughgrew which my tour guild at the Hill of Uisneath has set up for me efforetlessly. Remember, I had no plans for housing or food this night. It ends up I have the house myself. It's 6pm...I will hike Loughgrew before bed. First, I need dry clothing! This is a hike! wholly ,wholly...straight up, up and up! I traverse it is so steep. Oiy. I brought tea which is cold now...the wind is strong and the air cold. I reach the top. There is one main structure with three smaller ones surrounding. I approach the one in the south and feel uneasy...I walk circularly to honor the energies...I notice a large energy form standing on the other side of the South facing structure. Large, regal, strong, masculine, honoring...I sit in observation. I then move to the east structure where I see a person being held down and their head removed. This is a place of judgment. I honor this "thing". I move on to view the rest of the site ...and leave. The sheep hold more interest to me at this point. I am done, ready to be home. Polara-TEA, and bed.