• The Mystic Agent

Day #13; Surprise!! Serendipity of Cornucopia...

There are signs...and then some signs are serendipity of Cornucopia. This truly makes my energy FLY!

I am jumping ahead so I will go back to the morning hours ~ I woke ready to go home. Clear...and complete.

Took my time; tea, packing and driving to Dublin ~ my first intention of the day is to eat a good meal after missing dinner and lunch yesterday. I also want to find one last present, and try to find gluten free bread that Bri`d (pronounced; Breeeed...lol) turned me on to while we were in Dzogchen Beara. If I can find a store to buy it at!

When I arrive in Dublin first thing to do, return to Cornucopia for a great Vegetarian meal. I buy two meals; one for now and one for tonight at the airport. You would think I haven't eaten in a few days by the way I attack my plate but the food is so flavor-FULL! Then I return to the counter to pick up the second "to-go" meal. The pick-p/order area is a small n tight space. This women is in front of me so, I back up to allow her to pass. As she turns around...BAM!!! It's BRI`D from Dzogchen Beara!!! We scream out LOUD as we see one another!!! The whole restaurant is now turning to see what's going on. Serendipity of Cornucopia!

I stay with Bri`d while she eats and then she takes me all over Dublin to show me where the locals shop. Bri`d and I are floating on air, laughing sponanteously as we relishing the magic of running into one another ...both wondering what will come from this meant to be relationship.

More issues at Budget. The employees want to leave for the day so they try to rush me to leave the car. My phone is left on top of the car...I spend a hour looking for my phone. Again...not keeping my boundaries and telling them to back off so I could move at my pace. I found my phone...and I made the employees help me until I did!

At the airport, I meet two fun peps...and we laugh so hard my cheeks hurt. We stayed up all night laughing...and we had people all around us to entertain us too.

This trip has been full. It is more than I ever dreamed it could be.