• The Mystic Agent

Involution of Should-ing ~ Crown Chakra, To Know

There is no INVOLUTION of "Shoulda" being received into the CROWN CHAKRA. Our CROWN CHAKRA is clarity itself. Our CROWN CHAKRA "KNOWS" all.

"SHOULD-ing" is environmental and a sign "over-intellectualize."

Whenever we can catch ourselves "SHOULD-ING" ...that is the goal! SHOULD-ing can be a sign of confusion, comparisons or some standard set by another. So just like meditation, we simply notice we are "SHOULD-ING" and refocus upon our breath or something else!

I "shoulda" spoke about this topic sooner! LOL ...NOT! Everything in this moment is as it "SHOULD BE"...

~ The Mystic Agent

Thank's to Dani Klein for the suggestion of "SHOULD-ING". Please let me know your suggestions and I will cover them!

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