• The Mystic Agent

Involution of "SHOULD-ing"~Solar Plexus Chakra, To ACT, Element of Fire

Life is meant to be lived fully with all it's ups and downs. I never want to say I SHOULDA tried something. And, sometimes we only get one shot. Everything is cyclical; tides, supply and demand, risks and rewards, gains and loses. The secret is to ride the tides. And, when the time is right to use your FIRE energy as courage and take

ACTION into the unknown.

If I didn't take a risks I wouldn't have become a Playboy model, I would not have had my daughter and son Joey, I would not have become a Talent Agent or gone to IRELAND.

Disapprove of me or judge me that's fine. In the end, I am the only one who can make me happy.

So what's it gonna be; a life of SHOULDA or a life of "did that!"?

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