• The Mystic Agent

Involution of "HOME" thru the Heart Chakra, element of Air

As we step down within our HOME in the Heart Chakra our worldly and environmental experiences have effected our ability to process energy already. While the Heart Chakra is the AIR element energetically; within the body the a water zone...feelings and patterns here are deep. If the Crown, 3rd Eye and Throat chakra's been thrown off balance by the time we get here we could find ourselves alchemically complicated and layered!

When my HEART is open I can be with others easily. I have compassion for others no matter circumstances and I do not personalize how or what others have to say. When my HEART is open I feel like HOME to everyone who meets me!

Some polarities of a open HEART is co-dependency; wanting others to help us be

complete within our own HOME or anti-social, withdrawn and fear of intimacy within our HOME.

We are sensitive FLOWERS...when we LISTEN, and HONOR all human beings they will reflect that out in the world.