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Involution of "Home" thru the Sacral & Earth chakra, elements of water & earth

Yesterday, I was in class around the element of Air. I noticed that once the air element comes into the equation the water (ability to go with the flow & harmony) of my HOME was thrown consequently my water never made it to the earth(time, structure) to post the blog!

How are you harmonizing or flowing(water) with life detours or sudden (air)changes? Or how about when we feel foggy(air/water combo) in the brian and find ourselves unable to complete (earth)the simple in activities of the day?

Do you notice how circumstances FEEL(water) in your body(earth)? Can you stop, check in with your thoughts, nervous systems...and breath? Ask yourself; What information does this have for you? Can you be with this information and breath with it...where is it in your body? Notice...Now using your imagination, envision the energy in your body then guild that energy/FEELing down through your body & deep into the core of the earth.

Great...now check in again. Recieve a breath. How do you feel now? Maybe you want to jump around...wiggle. yeah!!!


Home is YOU, you are your HOME.

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